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Esc 6A modello Hobby wing Variatore regolatore 6 A
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Esc 6A modello Hobby wing Variatore regolatore 6 A
Modellismo Brushless Regolatori -> Regolatori standard -> DY-30006
Esc 6A modello Hobby wing Variatore regolatore 6 A

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Codice: DY-30006
Marca compatibile: DYS
Qta scatola: 5
PESO: 10 gr.
Barcode: 0000000000000
Warranty: 12 months

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 Esc con firmware Hobbywing 6A 


  • Item name: 30006
  • Input voltage: 2s Lipo
  • BEC: 0.8A
  • Size(mm)L*W*H: 10*7*2
  • Type: Hobbywing
  • 30006

    Categories: Speed controller

    Continuous current:7A 
    Pepersistent current:9A 
    Compliant with Lithium Battery: 2 
    compliant with Ni-Mh battery: Yes

    2. Functions & Features
    2.1 Achieve positive rotation and rollback through regulating motor wires. 
    2.2 Advanced heuristic algorithm applied to meet the requirements for motors with different number of magnetic poles. 
    Secure galvanization Function: Once electrified, the motor won’t be started immediately no matter where the throttle rocker on remote controller is put. 
    2.3 Lost remote controlled signal protection: When the signal transmitted between emitter and receiver is bad or instable, the aero model may be out of control. The protection program will be started after 4 seconds, and make the motor slow down. If signal recovered in the 4 seconds, it will work in previous condition. 
    2.4 Cooling down can be achieved by limiting the power when it’s reaching 105 ¡æ.If cooling down failed, the power supply will be cut off gradually. Now, you have to wait the temperature dropping back to normal and galvanize again to have the normal service. 
    2.5 Battery protection: Power supply will be cut off gradually when the electric quantity on singular battery is found less than 3.1V, When power quantity is recovered, turn off the throttle and resume it to have normal service again. 
    2.6 Overload protection: Power supply will be immediately cut off when an instant high-current appears at starting. You can galvanize again to resume the normal service. 
    2.7 Halted run protection: If propeller is locked, the max power output is limited at 39%.

    3.Instruction-Throttle settings
    Follow the next guide to deploy the max and min settings of throttle, when you first use or change emitter/ receiver.The following steps tell you how to make the max and min throttle settings 
    3.1 Put the throttle on the highest position, galvanization, keeping it for10 seconds, a long beep comes to record the max throttle settings. 
    3.2 Put the throttle on the lowest position, keeping it for 3 seconds, a long beep comes to record the min throttle settings. 
    3.3 Seriate beeps come to indicate normal operations are available.

    4.Error message 
    4.1 Lost signal protection:1 beep per second
    4.2 High temperature protection:3 beeps per second
    4.3 Power and battery protection: 1 beep per 2 seconds.
    4.4 Warning sound:When rocker is not in the the minimum threshold point,1 beep per second.

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Esc 6A modello Hobby wing Variatore regolatore 6 A

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