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5-Port Fast Ethernet Umanaged PoE Switch with 4-Port PoE
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5-Port Fast Ethernet Umanaged PoE Switch with 4-Port PoE
Informatica Networking -> Switch -> IC-F1105P
5-Port Fast Ethernet Umanaged PoE Switch with 4-Port PoE

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Codice: IC-F1105P
Marca compatibile: IP-COM
Qta scatola: 30
PESO: 827 gr.
Barcode: 6932392831204
Warranty: 12 months

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F1105P-4-63W is a 5-port 10/100Mbps unmanaged switch that requires no configuration and provides 4 PoE ports. It can automatically detect and supply power to all IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant Powered Devices (PDs). Enabling "Ethernet Extend Mode" makes Ports 1-4 negotiate to 10M full-duplex rate and isolate from each other, but all communicate with the Uplink port. In this mode, the transmission distance is up  to 250m. In this situation, the electrical power is transmitted along with data in one single cable allowing you to expand your network to where there are no power lines or outlets, where you wish to fix devices such as APs, IP Cameras or IP Phones, etc.




1.4 PoE Ports to power connected devices for flexible network deployment

2.Supports IEEE 802.3af/at PoE standard and be compatible with PDs such as APs, IP Cameras or IP Phones, etc

3.Ethernet Extend Mode makes transmission distance up to 250m and Ports 1-4 isolated respectively

4.Up to 200Mbps full duplex bandwidth capability for high speed data processing

5.1K entry MAC address table of the PoE switch with auto-learning and auto-aging

6.Supports IEEE 802.3x flow control for Full-duplex Mode and backpressure for Half-duplex Mode

7.Compact metal case for desktop or wall-mounting.   


Easy to Deploy

Power Supply up to 250m(820 feet)

Up to 250m PoE distance allows you to expand your network via Ethernet cable to where there is no power line or outlet but where you want to fix devices such as APs, IP Cameras or IP Phones, etc.. No longer need to worry about the complicated cables and long distance which may cost you a lot of time and money.


Stable Power Supply

Power Supply with 8-core Ethernet Cable


Innovative energy-efficient technology saves power consumption up to 70%, making it an eco-friendly solution for your business network. Additionally, up to 6KV lightning protection brings safe and stable power supply up to 100,000 hours.


High Compatibility

Support IEEE 802.3af/at Power Supply Standard


Supports IEEE 802.3af/at power supply standard with single port power supply  up to 30W , F1105P  can comply with more high-power devices . It also can  automatically detect  powered devices to  supply power which will help protect the system when the system power is overloaded. 


High Performance

Exceptional  Data Processing Ability


Featuring store-forward switching architecture with backpressure up to 1Gbps, all ports forwards and filters packets at full wire-speed for maximum throughput.  4 HD IP Cameras can be accessed at the same time.   Flow control for Full Duplex mode and backpressure for Half Duplex mode alleviate the traffic congestion and make F1105P work reliably.


Durable & Secure 

Superior quality & design


Full-metal design makes F1105P  a reliable & durable choice. Its unique cooling design ensures long-time operation stably.

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5-Port Fast Ethernet Umanaged PoE Switch with 4-Port PoE

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